Aperture Workshop

Founded 2018. Based in Tacoma Washington.
Aperture Workshop is full-service residential architecture firm professionally licensed in Washington and Arizona with project experience along the West Coast.


Ben McDonald, Founder

BArch: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
MArch: University of Arizona

Prior to founding Aperture Workshop in the Northwest, I spent 19 years working for design firms in San Francisco, New York, London, and Los Angeles. The bulk of my professional career has been spent with two award-winning firms; Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (SF) and Montalba Architects (LA). My project experience is wide-ranging and includes work in all phases for high-end retail, restaurant, airport, museum, lifestyle fitness, and custom residential.

My current interest is residential design for its direct potential to enrich the daily life of my clients. Of the many important factors in the design process, the thoughtful incorporation of natural light and attention to material craft are primary inspirations. (Mid-career I went to Arizona to study desert light as part of self-curated Master’s thesis in the Emerging Material Technologies program). I believe in the power of observation as a critical design tool and am motivated by an iterative and continual ‘fail better’ approach to problem solving.